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These Three Things are Threatening Your Plumbing System

surprised-woman-in-glassesWhat system or function do you take most for granted in your home?

Chances are, your plumbing system did not come to mind, and yet, many homeowners expect their plumbing systems to function with full efficiency and effectiveness year-after-year without worrying about how to care for that said plumbing system. In fact, we’d wager that most people don’t think about their plumbing systems at all, until something goes wrong.

The thing is, even if you have your plumbing system routinely maintained by a professional plumber in Salt Lake City and you keep an eye on your water usage, your plumbing system won’t last forever—eventually you’ll need pipe repairs which can turn into pipe replacement. There are things that you can do now, however, to help protect your plumbing system and potentially even help it last longer as a result (ultimately saving you money). It starts by knowing what threats your pipes face.

Threat #1: Hard Water (A.K.A. Limescale)

First off, what is hard water? This is the name given to water that has high concentrations of the minerals magnesium and calcium in it. These minerals are harmless to ingest, however, they can negatively impact your quality of life, by endangering your plumbing system and other components of your home.

The buildup of the above-mentioned minerals is what you know as limescale. It’s not normal to see this buildup all the time! And unfortunately, limescale accumulation that’s not removed will just keep building up and hardening until it blocks water flow (thereby reducing water pressure) and starts corroding your pipes.

Hard water also impacts how effectively your clothes get washed and maintain their tread in the washing machine, and how clean your dishes and cutlery get in the dishwasher.

Threat #2: FOG

FOG stands for fats, oil, & grease. Most homeowners have no qualms about dumping these cooking byproducts down the drain of their kitchen sink when they’re done with them. Unfortunately, FOG hardens as it cools. This means that as it travels down your kitchen sink drain, it will begin sticking to the sides of the pipe walls, hardening and creating a stubborn clog.

We recommend that instead of pouring FOG down the drain, you allow it to cool (and harden) in a tin can or some other disposable source, and then throw it away in your trash can.

Threat #3: Outdated Plumbing

How old is your home? It doesn’t have to be ancient to have outdated pipes. In fact, if it was built before 1970 and the pipes have never been replaced, you are probably overdue. This is because plumbing systems of that time were comprised of galvanized steel.

While durable, galvanized steel is subject to corrosion, meaning you can easily find yourself facing leaks and loose plumbing connections, leading to significant water loss and high water bills. If you suspect or know that your pipes are old, then we encourage you to contact our pros for a plumbing inspection.

For quality plumbing services you can rely on, and to learn what keeps our customers saying, “I Love My Design Comfort” contact our team today.

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