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Tips to Improve AC Efficiency in Your Home

outside-unit-of-an-air-conditioning-systemAs chilly and long as our winters are, there’s no denying the fact that our summers pack quite the punch. You’ll want to approach this summer with a fully effective air conditioner, which has been properly maintained and cared for, and is as efficient as possible.

There are a number of professional AC services in SLC that help with air conditioning efficiency, in addition to indoor air quality products that can help too. But there are other things you can do, simple tasks, that don’t cost you anything and help improve the efficiency of your system even more so that you don’t have to worry as much about costly energy bills.

Raise the Temperature

We get it—this seems counterintuitive to most homeowners. The thing is, we don’t expect you to actually make your home hotter. However, it’s likely that you are already turning the thermostat settings down lower than they need to be.

Homeowners often set their thermostats around 71°F when in actuality, most people are perfectly comfortable around 78° throughout the day. Of course, you can save even more by raising the temperature when the home is unoccupied, or when you are sleeping. There’s no need to waste energy, and money, cooling a home that you aren’t using.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan on its own cannot keep you cool—that is, it cannot lower the temperature of the room that it’s in. It can, however, help the room feel cooler, as it helps sweat evaporate from your body—which is your natural way of cooling off. On a warm day, a ceiling fan can be sufficient enough to keep you cool and keep bills lower.

Using your ceiling fans in combination with your air conditioner is a great idea. Ceiling fans help push cool air down and keep warm air rising as you use your AC system. Pairing ceiling fans with your central AC can allow you to run the cooling system at a higher temperature, which, as we mentioned above, helps lower your monthly energy costs.

Change Out or Clean the Air Filter

There’s an air filter that comes standard with your HVAC systems. You probably think it’s there to protect your indoor air quality, but this isn’t quite right. It’s actually there to keep particles like dirt and debris off the inside components of your cooling system, so that your air conditioner functions as effectively as possible.

That being said, every 1-3 months you should be checking this air filter to make sure it’s not too clogged up. How often you change or clean it will depend on the level of contaminants in your home and the type of air filter you have. In our area, it’s usually recommended that you take care of the air filter once a month.

Upgrade Your System

Is your air conditioner a decade old, or older? Then chances are, its level of efficiency is dropping naturally. Today’s models are built with efficiency in mind. If you have an aging system, it’s never a bad idea to explore your options for a system upgrade.

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