Plumbing Installation

When you’re having a plumbing system or component installed, it’s vital that the person installing it be aware of local codes and regulations. The only way to ensure this is the case is by scheduling your Salt Lake City plumbing installation service with a trained and experienced plumber. 

When you’re dealing with any part of your plumbing system, whether it be equipment like a water heater or sump pump, or plumbing fixture installations in a bathroom, there is no way to guarantee success and the safe operation of your plumbing system unless you trust a professional for the job. That’s why you should call on us! 

Plumbing Replacement

The average homeowner doesn’t have an easy way to detect when they’re in need of plumbing replacement. Our Salt Lake City technicians, however, have the proper tools and training that is required to assess the overall quality of your plumbing system. In the meantime, there are some signs you can watch out for that indicate a need for at least partial plumbing replacement, if not whole-house repiping. 

These signs include things like visible leaks, the development of rust on fixtures throughout your plumbing system, the sound of running water from an unknown source, and much more. 

Plumbing Repair

The best way to prevent sudden plumbing repair needs is with comprehensive plumbing maintenance, including video pipe inspection, to assess the state of your pipes. Our Salt Lake City plumbers are here to help with just that. During maintenance, we’ll inspect your plumbing system and alert you to any potential or existing repair needs. 

Our plumbing repair services include burst pipe repair! Frozen pipes are, of course, a problem in Salt Lake City, but the real harm comes from the thawing process. As they thaw, a negative pressure is created which results in a burst pipe. Fortunately, we have all the tools and know-how to assist you! 

Water Leak Detection

It’s not always easy for the average Salt Lake City homeowner to detect a water leak. Fortunately, our team has the tools and expertise to find water leaks in your home! There are some signs you can watch for that do indicate a problem, such as:

  • The sound of running water when no fixtures or appliances are on. 

  • Rising water bills with no explanation. 

  • Visible wetness on walls, ceilings, or even in the yard. 

If you notice any of the above signs or suspect that you might have a plumbing problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for professional water leak detection.