Salt Lake City Radiant Heating Installation Services

Unlike furnaces and other heating options that require ductwork to distribute heat throughout your home, radiant heating systems do not heat air. Instead, they use radiant heating panels or a hydronic system to heat the walls or floors of your house directly. The heat then radiates from these surfaces in order to heat other objects, as well as the people, in that room. This allows for very even, comfortable heating without the reliance on bulky ductwork, which in turn eliminates much of the opportunity for energy loss and all the issues that forced air can create with regards to indoor air quality. These advantages make a radiant heating installation in Salt Lake City, UT quite alluring. As always, of course, it must be left to a qualified technician to handle your radiant heating installation.

The installation of a radiant heating system requires that tubing be installed throughout your home, if using a hydronic delivery system, or for electric panels to be installed within your walls. This means that difficult to access areas must be opened up and then sealed over again. Radiant heating installation in Salt Lake City, UT, is most convenient at the time of construction due to this. However, any remodeling project is also a great time to take advantage of a radiant heating installation. Whenever you choose to switch to radiant heating, our technicians have the skill and expertise they need to complete the job quickly and professionally, ensuring minimal disruption to your home, heating service and comfort. Call today to learn more.

Radiant Heating Replacement Services in Salt Lake City

Radiant heating systems offer another great benefit in that they feature fewer moving parts than furnaces. As you can imagine, this helps to cut down on repair and maintenance needs. However, you must remember that all heating systems will eventually need to be replaced. If the radiant heating system in your home is ready for rejuvenation, contact Design Comfort immediately. Our Salt Lake City, UT radiant heating replacement specialists are happy to handle the job.

If your system breaks down entirely, or if your boiler begins leaking water and losing efficiency, a radiant heating replacement may be necessary. In some cases it may so happen that your system was improperly sized at the time of installation and cannot adequately heat your home. Whatever reasons you have for considering a radiant heating replacement, we are the company you can trust to do the job done right. Call Design Comfort to learn more about why you should consider radiant heating installation or replacement in Salt Lake City, UT.