What is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are ingenious systems which allow you exchange the air within your home with that outside while minimizing energy loss in the process. This means that in the winter months, as heated air is vented out, the heat within that air is used to warm incoming fresh air. In the summer months the operation is reversed, and incoming warm air is passed close by conditioned air in order to cool it down. The air does not mix, so the incoming air is always fresh, but the streams are in close enough proximity for the effective transfer of heat. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of using and energy recover ventilator in Salt Lake City, UT, give us a call today.

Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation and Replacement in Salt Lake City, UT

The installation of an energy recovery ventilator requires the skill and expertise that only a trained professional can possess. The ERV is incorporated into your existing HVAC system, and any time this equipment is handled or upgraded it must be done by a qualified energy recovery ventilator technician. Make sure that you get the best performance possible from you energy recovery ventilator. Schedule your energy recovery ventilator installation in Salt Lake City, UT with a professional member of our team.

While energy recovery ventilators have long lifespans when properly installed, they will eventually break down or lose some of their effectiveness. When this happens you need to hire a skilled technician to handle your energy recovery ventilator replacement in Salt Lake City, UT.

Salt Lake City, UT Energy Recovery Ventilator Repair and Maintenance

When your energy recovery ventilator fails or operates ineffectively, you will notice both an increase in your heating and cooling costs as well as a decrease in your indoor air quality. You may even notice a spike in humidity levels. Whatever warning sign alerts you to a problem with your energy recovery ventilator, you should contact a professional Salt Lake City, UT energy recovery ventilator repair technician immediately. Putting off any necessary repair services will result in reduced comfort and more serious damages to the unit. Call at the first sign of trouble, and our ERV repair professionals will resolve the problem promptly.

You can minimize the risk of operational issues with your energy recovery ventilator simply by scheduling routine energy recovery ventilator maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT. When your ERV is well maintained and tuned up it will be more effective and efficient, as well as more reliable. If this sounds like a good deal to you, call our team today to schedule service. When you need an energy recovery ventilator in Salt Lake City, UT, or any services for an existing system, you can always count on Design Comfort.