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It’s Time for Heat Pump Maintenance!

Monday, March 11th, 2024


Springtime is just around the corner, a fact that many homeowners in Utah are looking forward to. The change in season also means that it’s time to schedule air conditioning and heat pump maintenance to make sure your system is ready for the cooling season.

Springtime marks the perfect opportunity for essential maintenance tasks that can ensure your heat pump operates efficiently throughout the approaching warmer months. In this blog, we’ll explore why springtime maintenance is vital, why it’s necessary to schedule heat pump service in Salt Lake City twice a year, and the benefits it brings to your home and wallet.

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Why Grinding Is Such a Bad Noise to Hear

Monday, October 9th, 2023

When it comes to your heat pump making unusual noises, there really aren’t any sounds that are good news. However, some are worse than others. Grinding is one sound in particular that can be very dangerous for your heat pump.

When you hear a grinding sound coming from your heat pump, it’s time to schedule heat pump service in Salt Lake City. You want to stay ahead of problems by addressing the sound sooner rather than later. You can keep reading to learn more about what causes grinding and why the sound is so dangerous for your heat pump.

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Is It Okay if My Heat Pump is Oversized?

Monday, September 26th, 2022

white-question-mark-on-blue-circleWhen it comes to your home’s comfort system, you must rely on professionals to handle the installation process. Not only will this ensure the system is hooked up properly, but also that it is the right size for your home. 

In this situation, “size” doesn’t mean the bulk of the unit. The cooling capacity, which is measured in BTU tons, refers to the size of your unit. It’s necessary for your air conditioner to be matched to your home’s cooling requirements. The process of doing this is a complex process called “heat load calculation.”

Just guessing about how powerful a cooling system is, may result in an oversized or undersized unit. This is going to lead to the unit wearing out faster than it should and having to call for heat pump repair in Salt Lake City more often than you should. 

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Here’s How to Tell If You Need Heat Pump Repairs

Monday, February 14th, 2022

floor-ventA heat pump system is a fantastic way to keep your Salt Lake City home comfortable all year round. We’re at the peak of winter right now, so temperatures are still a bit chilly. And now is usually when people discover their comfort systems might need repairs–because of all the hard work they’ve been through over the last several weeks.

If you think it’s time for you to schedule heat pump repair services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! But what if you don’t know the signs of a heat pump in disrepair?

Well, fortunately, you have our team for that! Read on to learn some of the signs of a heat pump that needs repair, and then give us a call if you notice any of them.

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Are Your Air Ducts Able to Handle a Heat Pump?

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Between the concerns about climate change and the rising costs of energy production and consumption, there is a lot of experimentation with new technology.  Standard choices are being re-evaluated and new designs are changing the requirements for various parts.

In homes and other buildings where systems were designed and installed according to the cheaper energy parameters prevalent in the day, it may be time to consider drastic changes to increase the efficiency and decrease impact on the carbon footprint.  Room for improvement can be found in many corners.

Heat Pump Technology

One appliance that is getting a lot of attention in Salt Lake City is heat pumps, a device that transfers thermal energy from one location to another, usually in the direction of from a colder temperature to higher and generally the opposite of the natural flow.  While compressor-driven air conditioners and freezers are technically heat pumps, heat pump is the term that usually implies one of the less-common devices in the class that are not dedicated to refrigeration-only.

A heat pump installation maintains a thermally conditioned-space can be used to provide either heating or cooling, depending upon whether the environment is cooler or warmer than the conditioned-space.  Typically pumps utilize some thermal energy from the environment itself, such as the natural heat beneath the Earth’s surface.

By simply transferring the energy rather than producing it, heat pumps are being more seriously considered as attractive alternatives to provide an efficient and clean system for conditioning public and living spaces.

Change of Use

In considering a change from an existing system to a heat pump, there are many details to compare to see if it makes any sense at all.  The overall local climate (cool or hot) in general, and the availability of geothermal heat, in particular,  are two major factors.

Since a heat pump typically moves conditioned air through ductwork, the advantages of the change are much more realistic with a system of pre-existing ducts such as a forced air furnace or central air-conditioning unit.  While a heat pump often requires a larger volume of ducts, the old network of metal tunnels was often over-sized for inefficient furnaces and should do fine in a conversion to a heat pump.

The Right Data

Since the required formulas are dependent upon variables such as size, distance, volume and oomph, the design is strategic and makes all the difference.  Consulting with a trained and experienced professional such as (Your Company) is critical to the success of the conversion.

Do the homework to get the best recommendation for your home, and if you need help just call Design Comfort.

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