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Here’s How to Tell If You Need Heat Pump Repairs

floor-ventA heat pump system is a fantastic way to keep your Salt Lake City home comfortable all year round. We’re at the peak of winter right now, so temperatures are still a bit chilly. And now is usually when people discover their comfort systems might need repairs–because of all the hard work they’ve been through over the last several weeks.

If you think it’s time for you to schedule heat pump repair services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! But what if you don’t know the signs of a heat pump in disrepair?

Well, fortunately, you have our team for that! Read on to learn some of the signs of a heat pump that needs repair, and then give us a call if you notice any of them.

Your System Is Noisy

Running your heat pup shouldn’t be an excessively noisy experience! If you turn it on to heat up your home and notice you’re hearing a lot of sounds you’ve never detected before–be it banging, popping, hissing, etc.–it’s probably time to call in a pro.

The problem with strange noises coming from your heat pump is that it always indicates something is amiss. The issue might be something super minor, like a motor bearing that needs lubricating. But even minor problems can turn into much bigger issues if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Your Utility Bills Are Higher Than Average

Are your heating bills unreasonable? If you’re looking at your energy bills and they are a lot higher than they were this same time last year, then it’s time to scrutinize them a bit. This is typically a sign that something in your home is working inefficiently, and your home comfort system can certainly be to blame.

After all, depending on the type of HVAC system you have, it can account for up to half of your home’s entire energy usage! But you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to stay comfortable in your own home throughout the year.

Your Heat Pump Has Reduced Heating and Cooling

You may think that this is an obvious sign of a heat pump problem, but you may be surprised how easy this is to overlook, especially on milder days.

But if you’re used to a certain level of heating power coming out of your vents and that’s not what your household is receiving, it’s likely that there is something wrong.

It could be a misset thermostat, or it can even be a clogged air filter restricting airflow. Do check these things, first. But in the absence of anything like this, don’t just settle for less–give us a call.

Your Heat Pump Is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling describes the process where your heat pump (or any forced-air home comfort system) cycles on and off rapidly, never actually completing a full heating or cooling cycle. Heat pumps are designed to run in 15-minute increments, about 2-3 times an hour. If yours is cycling on more often than this or not running the full 15 minutes when it always has before, it means that it is short-cycling.

This is both the symptom of an already existing problem, and can cause further damage, so please do give us a call right away!

See what keeps our customers saying, “I Love My Design Comfort!” by calling us today for reliable heat pump repair in Salt Lake City and beyond. 

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