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Our Winter Heating Checklist

Monday, November 20th, 2023

Heating season is back. You’ve likely already turned your heater on and have been keeping nice and warm as temperatures drop. But the weather ahead of us is only going to get colder and colder. It’s a good idea to stay ahead of heating repair in Salt Lake City.

That’s where our team comes in. We’re here to help you with professional service for your heater. We also want to offer you homeowner maintenance tips that can make a difference for your heater now and in the many years to come. You can keep reading to learn more about our checklist for taking care of your heater this fall and winter season.

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Does Your Tankless Water Heater Take Too Long to Heat Up?

Monday, November 6th, 2023

Tankless water heaters are a great choice, especially if you don’t want to run out of hot water due to a limited tank size. But you can face other potential problems – like having a long wait before you actually have hot water after turning on the faucet. When this happens, it’s time to schedule tankless water heater service in Salt Lake City.

The problem may not be one that really requires “fixing” because nothing is technically wrong with your tankless water heater. But we can assess the situation, get down to the source of the problem, and offer solutions to help. Keep reading to learn more about why it may take a while to get hot water when you first turn on a faucet as well as what we can do to fix the issue.

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Measure the Efficiency of Your New AC

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

When you invest in a new air conditioner, energy efficiency is probably top of mind. After all, if your air conditioner lasts for the average lifespan of 15 years, that is 180 energy bills you’ll have to pay. You probably want those energy bills to be as low as possible to save money – and we can help. 

The best way to do that is to invest in a highly efficient air conditioner when you install a new unit. But how do you measure the efficiency of a new air conditioner? The good news is that the HVAC industry has standards in place to help you accurately estimate efficiency for your home.

If it’s time for a new air conditioner, you can give our team a call to schedule an air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City. You can also keep reading to learn more about the SEER2 efficiency scale and learn more about what it means for the Salt Lake City area specifically.

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Why Grinding Is Such a Bad Noise to Hear

Monday, October 9th, 2023

When it comes to your heat pump making unusual noises, there really aren’t any sounds that are good news. However, some are worse than others. Grinding is one sound in particular that can be very dangerous for your heat pump.

When you hear a grinding sound coming from your heat pump, it’s time to schedule heat pump service in Salt Lake City. You want to stay ahead of problems by addressing the sound sooner rather than later. You can keep reading to learn more about what causes grinding and why the sound is so dangerous for your heat pump.

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3 Tips for a Clogged Drain

Monday, September 25th, 2023

Having a clogged drain may not seem like a huge deal. It’s usually a pretty simple fix and many homeowners address drain clogs on their own without ever calling for professional help. But does that mean DIY is the best way to handle a drain clog? Sometimes yes, but other times no.

We have three tips to help you break down a tough drain clog yourself the safe way. If your efforts don’t work, you can always call us for plumbing in Salt Lake City. We can help break down even the toughest clogs and even prevent them from coming back again in the near future. You can keep reading to learn more about our top three tips for clogged drains around your home.

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Why the Demand for Sump Pumps in Utah is Increasing

Monday, September 11th, 2023

You may have heard a buzz around town about sump pumps. There’s a good reason for this chatter. Over the winter season, everything freezes. Then in the spring, all of that ice and snow melts and needs to go somewhere. This melting water runoff often causes flooding for homeowners.

Enter, the sump pump. When you install a sump pump in your home, you can prevent water damage from spring runoff, along with any other potential problems like heavy rain. If you are interested in sump pump installation in Salt Lake, give our team a call. You can also keep reading to learn more about how a sump pump works and how it can benefit your home and the family.

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Does Your Home Need Two Water Heaters?

Monday, August 28th, 2023

You know about tank water heaters, and you know about tankless water heaters. But have you ever considered that if you want to have a tank water heater, you may actually need two? If you have a larger home or a larger family, a second water heater may be beneficial.

You can call our team to schedule water heater service in Salt Lake City, where we can review your options for installing a second water heater alongside your existing unit. You can also keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having two water heaters. 

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The Connection Between AC Repairs and AC Maintenance

Monday, August 14th, 2023

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you may be wondering if there is a correlation between investing in AC maintenance and having fewer repair needs. The answer to this is a resounding yes! The better care you take of your air conditioner, the less likely you are to have problems.

And this is great news when you want to avoid unexpected AC breakdowns. Of course, when you do need to schedule service, you can always give our team a call for air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City. But you can also keep reading to learn about all the ways that AC maintenance helps you prevent problems from getting so bad that your air conditioner stops working completely.

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3 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Monday, July 17th, 2023


Summer is the ideal season for outdoor activities we don’t get to enjoy as much during other times of the year. Barbecues, camping trips, and hiking in the great outdoors are some things we enjoy here in Salt Lake City.

Summer also tends to be a season when all of this extra fun tends to be not-so-fun for your plumbing system. The extra demands that summer takes on plumbing can lead to the need for plumbing services

There’s nothing worse than having your summer plans interrupted by a plumbing issue such as a clogged kitchen sink or a slow-draining shower. Let’s review some common summer activities that can lead to plumbing problems and how to avoid them. 

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It Can’t Wait! When to Call for Prompt Plumbing Repair

Monday, July 3rd, 2023


If a plumbing system where no problems ever develop sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Even an expertly installed and designed plumbing system made with the highest quality pipes and fixtures will run into problems eventually.

So how do you know which issues can wait and which can’t? Some will be obvious like a severe leak or no access to water. Let’s go over 5 scenarios that require a prompt call for plumbing repair in Salt Lake City.

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