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Can Store Bought Drain Cleaners Hurt Your Pipes?

water-drain-in-stainless-sinkThe short answer to this is “yes,” but we’re sure you’d like to understand why.

After all, when you find that one of your drains in your home has clogged up, it’s only natural that you reach for the chemical drain cleaner beneath your sink. But we really have to discourage this—it’s actually the worst thing you can do when it comes to thlong-termrm health of your drains and pipes. Sure, it will solve the issue in the short term, but it only magnifies the problem.

Keep reading to learn why chemical store bought drain clears are not your solution, and why you should call for professional Salt Lake City drain cleaning instead.

The Harmful Effects of Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Have you ever noticed the volume of warning labels plastered on the side of a bottle of average store-bought drain cleaner? You may have ignored them, thinking they weren’t that important. Well, they’re there for a reason—most of these products contain some really nasty materials.

The highly caustic solutions in store-bought drain cleaners are usually more than enough to eat through your drain clog—meaning, they eat through your drain pipe.

In doing this, the liquid drain solution starts to degrade your pipes, and years of using these types of drain cleaners will cause leaks to form more often, eventually forcing you to replace your plumbing pipes much earlier than you otherwise would have had to. Trust our pros when we tell you the cost of needing to replace pipes is not worth the benefit of having “affordable and convenient store-bought drain cleaners” on hand.

The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

So, what is the solution, then? Professional drain cleaning! Our plumbers understand that the average store-bought drain cleaning solution does more harm than good. This is why we don’t employ the same methods when cleaning drains ourselves. Professional drain cleaning involves equipment that’s safe for you and your pipes.

For instance, drain snaking is one of the most common methods professional plumbers use on stubborn drain clogs. This involves a long cord with an auger on the end of it, lowered into the pipe until it comes in contact with the clog. Then the auger drills through the clog or latches onto it to pull it out of the pipe.

Hydrojetting is another common method, growing in popularity. It utilizes a high-pressure stream of water sprayed down the pipe to blast away any clogs in the system. This is a very thorough drain cleaning method, and should only be employed by professionals, for effectiveness and for your safety.

The main benefit of these professional drain cleaning methods is that they are effective. They not only remove the clog, but they make it a lot less likely that further clogs will develop, meaning you won’t find yourself facing premature pipe replacement any time soon.

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