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Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Getting to the Bottom of Your AC Noises

woman-covering-her-earsIf your air conditioner is playing a 1950’s rock song, well… we probably can’t help you. But what we can help you with is literal shaking, rattling, clanging, hissing, and the like. These are all sounds that you never want to hear coming from your air conditioner.

It probably goes without saying that you will know better than anyone the various noises your air conditioner makes on a daily basis. When something sounds “off,” it’s best not to ignore it. Chances are that even if it’s minor, a strange noise indicates the need for AC repair in Salt Lake City. What exactly should you be listening for, though?

  • Rattling: This may be nothing more than a loose cabinet door that needs adjustment. Or it could be more serious—perhaps a component that’s become loose and is being knocked around inside the system, or you may be dealing with a blower fan problem. Bent fan blades are another possibility. Finally, if the noise isn’t coming directly from the AC unit itself, you may be dealing with damaged ductwork.
  • Clanging: This can be pretty alarming, and loud. Naturally, it shouldn’t be ignored! It’s likely a loose fan belt—especially if you have an aging system. Or it could be a bent air handler, that the fan blades are knocking into. It’s a good idea to shut the system down if you hear this while you wait on a professional to come to your home. This will reduce how much damage is done.
  • Clicking: You probably already hear a clicking noise when your AC system starts up, and when it cycles down. These are normal, but what’s not normal is consistent clicking or “hard starting.” This means your cooling system is struggling at power up the compressor—a problem you’ll want repaired right away.
  • Shrieking: We’re talking about the sound of metal on metal. It can be indicative of a variety of motor problems. The most likely culprit is motor bearings that have worn out. If these bearings fail, then the stress placed on the motor can permanently damage your air conditioner. Our technicians can replace these bearings to restore the motor.
  • Hissing: This is most likely the result of a refrigerant leak. It can happen due to corrosion of the refrigerant lines. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty common misconception going around that refrigerant loss is normal—and that you have to have it refilled (recharged) every year during maintenance. This is not the case though, refrigerant loss means you have a leak, and that hissing sound you hear with this occurs should never be ignored.
  • Grinding: This is another possible sign of problems with the motor, and is often from too much dust buildup, or too little lubrication on the component. If this is coupled with a foul odor coming from the vents, be sure to shut off your air conditioner right away and call in a pro.

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