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Tips for Boosting Cooling Efficiency in Your Home


If you could ask us any question, what would it be?

A common one we get from homeowners is, “how do I lower the monthly costs of running my air conditioner?”

Considering how muggy and warm it can get here in the summer, and how much you pay for heating the majority of the year, we understand the concern! The short answer is, “boost your efficiency.” But, you might be wondering how. Read on for a few of our best cooling efficiency boosters!

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Routine preventive maintenance performed by a pro will help you avoid major AC repair needs, and will lower your monthly cooling bills as result. There are a number of steps to maintenance, with one of the most important being conducting a thorough cleaning.

A dirty cooling system means that the unit has to work harder than it should have to in order to reach and maintain the desired temperature setting on your thermostat. During your professional maintenance appointment, our technicians clean out your entire cooling system, ensuring that it operates as efficiently as it’s meant to. And cleaning is just the beginning!

We also make adjustments during this appointment, to any components that have become loose. If we see any need for repairs, we’ll make the proper recommendations to you right away. Getting these repairs taken care of right away means you have less of a chance or them turning into larger, costlier repairs in the future—overall helping the system work more efficiently.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

We’re not that surprised to find that some homeowners are still using the older, manual thermostats in their homes, given that we have many older homes in the communities we serve. But if you’re reading this blog post and you have one of these in your home, it’s time for an upgrade.

We’re talking about a programmable thermostat. This enables you to set your system so that it only turns on when it gets above your desired temperature. Therefore, you aren’t running your cooling system when you don’t need to do so.

Also, the reason we don’t recommend continuing to use one of the older, manual thermostats is that they are usually off by a couple of degrees, making your air conditioner run inefficiently by default.

Consider a System Upgrade

How old is your air conditioner? It does depend on the manufacturer and how well you take care of your cooling system, but most air conditioning systems are designed to last for about a decade. If yours is older than this and/or you’ve found yourself calling for repairs every few months, there is no way it’s going to work as efficiently as it once did.

And there isn’t a lot you can do with an aging system like this past a certain point. Sometimes it’s simply more economically beneficial to upgrade the system altogether.

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