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Three Reasons You Can’t Live Without This Water Treatment Product

There are a number of water treatment products and services on the market today to improve the quality of your drinking and bathing water. Although hard water isn’t one of the unhealthy water quality issues, it’s certainly inconvenient and can cause a number of problems with your plumbing system, among other home components.

Hard water is water that has a higher-than-normal mineral content, consisting of calcium and magnesium that your body can absorb safely. However, hard water causes considerable issues with your quality of life. Its impact may be subtle, but that doesn’t mean it’s not damaging to your household. The solution lies with a water softener system—a water treatment product you can’t live without, but why?

1. Nobody Should Have to Deal with Bad-Tasting Water

Humor us by doing an experiment in your home. Fill an ice tray with tap water from your home, then fill a second one with bottled water from the store. If you have hard water, then when the water freezes the half that consists of tap water will be much cloudier than the bottled water. Hard water does more than just create a cloudy appearance—it doesn’t taste good!

2. Your Shower Should Leave You Feeling Clean

Water softeners prevent and remove the crusty white buildup on your faucet or shower head that you notice after some time with hard water. In addition to that, softer water will make your showers feel more pleasant. Hard water can leave your hair and body feeling slimy right after, and then excessively dry after you’ve dried off.

3. Your Clothes Should Last Longer than a Few Washes

Hard water has a considerable impact on your laundry. It causes clothes to wear out faster than they should, and bright colors will fade if exposed to load after load of hard water. A water softener helps your clothes to look brighter and last longer, which helps you stretch your household budget and keeps your washing machine from suffering from a crusty buildup of minerals.

To schedule a water softener installation in your Taylorsville, UT home, contact Design Comfort today!

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