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One Leading Method to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

No matter what time of year it is, it’s only natural that you want to be as comfortable as possible inside your own home. When you think of home comfort, you most likely think about the temperature of your indoor air. And this is key to your comfort, however not the only factor you should consider.

In order to maintain a truly comfortable environment within your home, you’ll want to think also about how well it is ventilated, and how you can achieve ventilation without wasting energy. Your solution lies in an energy recovery ventilator, or an ERV.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

An ERV is a mechanical ventilation device that is designed to recoup energy that would otherwise be wasted in ventilating your home. Modern homes are constructed to be pretty airtight, and this is beneficial to helping your HVAC systems work more efficiently. However, sealing your home up too tightly can lead to significant problems with air quality.

You won’t have to worry about energy loss via air leaks with type of construction, however you can’t possibly effectively ventilate your home without opening a window or door—at least, not without an ERV. ERVs allow you to effectively ventilate your living space without wasting any energy.

Improve Efficiency Too

So how does an ERN balance air quality and efficiency? When dry, cool air is vented out of your home during the summer, the hot and humid air being brought in is precooled by the outgoing stale air. In the winter, the warm stale air is vented outside, and heats up incoming fresh, but cold air in the process. Humidity is also balanced. This all results in high air quality, lower energy costs, less energy waste, and better comfort overall.

To schedule an energy recovery ventilator installation in Holladay, UT, contact Design Comfort today.

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