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Watch for These Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

It likely goes without saying that winter is the time of year that is most stressful for your furnace. Wear and tear is increases, and the possibility of a serious problem occurring goes up dramatically. Even if you’ve had your furnace professionally maintained already—and hopefully you have—you should still remain aware of what problems can crop up, particularly if you have an aging system. Keep reading for some of the common furnace problems that you’ll want to keep an eye out for this winter.

Air Handler Failure

The air handler is the component of your furnace that is responsible for circulating air throughout your system during operation. In order to compensate for the friction generated during operation, the air handler motor s outfitted with oiled bearings.

Over the years, these bearings wear down and necessitate replacement. You’ll be able to tell when the bearings are worn down by the loud grinding sound that they make during operation. If the bearings aren’t replaced, the friction will continue to mount until the air handler motor burns itself out. If you do notice this sound, be sure to call for repairs right away to prevent further damage.

Ignition Problems

If you are utilizing a gas furnace—as many homeowners do in our area—your system relies on some type of ignition device to start up. This may be a standing pilot light, which is pretty common in older systems. It could alternatively be an intermittent electric system or a heating element.

No matter the type of ignition, if it fails then the furnace won’t be able to ignite the burner assembly in order to provide heat to your home. Usually, the first sign of this kind of problem is if the furnace fails to start at all. Though this is an inconvenient problem for you, it’s one that can be simply fixed by calling on our professionals.

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