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Does Your Home Need Two Water Heaters?

You know about tank water heaters, and you know about tankless water heaters. But have you ever considered that if you want to have a tank water heater, you may actually need two? If you have a larger home or a larger family, a second water heater may be beneficial.

You can call our team to schedule water heater service in Salt Lake City, where we can review your options for installing a second water heater alongside your existing unit. You can also keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having two water heaters. 

Needing Two Water Heaters

You may need more than one water heater if you have a greater need for more hot water than a single tank can provide. After all, water heater tanks only go up to a certain size and capacity. If you are not interested in having a tankless water heater, investing in a second tank water heater may be your best option for having more hot water available.

Oftentimes, we see larger families install more than one tank water heater. The more people you have in your home, the greater your need for hot water. Even if all of your family members don’t take long showers, you still have more people showering and bathing. Plus, it is likely that you are washing clothes and dishes more often. 

Consider Efficiency

Even if you don’t have a larger family, installing a second tank for your water heater can be a wise decision. Maybe the family members in your home enjoy taking longer showers or you simply want to use hot water without worrying about running out. Having a second tank installed can benefit smaller families, too. 

In fact, having a second tank installed may actually make heating water for your home more efficient. The second water heater could be placed in a strategic location or to one side of the house so that the water has to travel a smaller distance in order to reach the appliances that are using it. For larger houses, this is much more efficient. 

How it Works

You can install a second tank water heater in a couple of ways. One setup option is to have a tank water heater for different areas of your home. You may have each tank in separate locations to provide hot water at different source locations. However, we also see tank water heaters installed side-by-side so that they connect together. 

Your second tank water heater may feed into the first one so that there is a continuous flow of hot water through the two systems as they work together. In this case, the second tank usually does the majority of the heating to transfer water through the other tank. We can talk to you about your specific concerns and needs to decide which setup will achieve your goals the most effectively. 

The service guys in the purple trucks are ready to help! Reach out today to schedule your appointment for water heater service today!

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