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Why the Demand for Sump Pumps in Utah is Increasing

You may have heard a buzz around town about sump pumps. There’s a good reason for this chatter. Over the winter season, everything freezes. Then in the spring, all of that ice and snow melts and needs to go somewhere. This melting water runoff often causes flooding for homeowners.

Enter, the sump pump. When you install a sump pump in your home, you can prevent water damage from spring runoff, along with any other potential problems like heavy rain. If you are interested in sump pump installation in Salt Lake, give our team a call. You can also keep reading to learn more about how a sump pump works and how it can benefit your home and the family.

Stay Ahead of Flooding

Flooding is one of the number one reasons to install a sump pump. Flooding can happen for a number of reasons. Winter runoff is just one of them. Even heavy rains can lead to flooding, especially if you live in a low lying area. And the thing about flooding is, there’s really no other way to stay ahead of the problem. Aside from a sump pump.

With a sump pump, you don’t ever have to worry about flooding, whether the issue is minor or on a larger scale. You don’t even have to turn your sump pump on. It kicks on automatically when it detects water levels rising enough to enter your home. So if you happen to be away when a flood happens, you can rest easy, knowing that your sump pump is taking action to protect your home.

Stop Sewage Backups

Sump pumps are also great for preventing sewage back ups. After all, this is a common problem that can accompany flooding. It’s especially common for homeowners who have septic tanks on their property. Sewage can back up not only into your yard, but also into your home. That’s definitely a problem that you never want to deal with.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Flooding does not just cause water damage. It can also create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to establish and spread. Even if you have your home cleaned after a flood, moisture is still an issue. The air in your home may be more humid and water may have seeped into the floors, walls and even contents in your home.

Standard flood clean up may not address mold and mildew. That can be a completely separate service that you need to schedule since it is highly specialized. Killing the spores once they establish can be a big job. It’s better to stay ahead of the problem and prevent mold and mildew from ever happening. 

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