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Sounds Your Water Heater Shouldn’t Make


Every house has sounds that are familiar to its inhabitants. A creaky floorboard, a branch that scrapes the roof, or a door that always squeaks when you open it. None of these sounds are harmful and in fact, some might become familiar and endearing.

But there are certain sounds you shouldn’t hear in your home because they’re indications of interferences with your home’s systems. Unusual noises coming from your water heater fall into this category. A water heater naturally makes a small amount of noise as it operates. 

However, there are noises that you never want to hear coming from your water heater. Be on the alert for any of these sounds because they indicate you need water heater services in Salt Lake City, UT. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us if you hear any of these sounds.

Humming Noises

If you have an all-electric water heater, this is a sound you may hear. It indicates that the water is flowing around the heating element and causing it to vibrate. This is usually an easy fix for a professional and involves tightening the element to fix the problem and get rid of the noise.

Popping or Gurgling Noises

Does your home have hard water? The water that comes into your home contains a certain amount of minerals, salts, and sediment in it. In hard water, these minerals are even more abundant. Although it’s not harmful to drink hard water, over time these minerals will take a toll on your water heater. 

These dissolved minerals weigh more than the rest of the water so they sink to the bottom of the tank and accumulate there in the form of sediment. The popping or gurgling noises you’re hearing are often caused by a large amount of sediment buildup in your water heater. A plumbing technician can flush your water heater, ridding it of sediment and eliminating this noise.

Knocking Noises

Do you ever hear banging, knocking, or tapping noises in your pipes or walls? This sound is known as a water hammer and although the water heater isn’t the direct cause, this sound shouldn’t be ignored. This noise indicates a serious problem in your home’s pipes that needs professional attention ASAP. 

Kettling Noises

Everyone knows this noise. It’s the sound a tea kettle makes as it reaches the boiling point. But you don’t want to hear this noise coming from your water heater. Kettling is another sign of sediment buildup in your system that needs to be flushed out. The sound occurs as the water under the layer of sediment becomes steam and whistles through the sediment.

Rumbling Noises

This sounds a bit like your stomach when you haven’t eaten in a while. A buildup of sediment is the main cause of this noise. The noise occurs when a layer of sediment accumulates at the bottom of the water heater tank near the heating element. The sound happens when the water essentially percolates and bubbles up through that buildup as it warms.

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