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Heed These Signs You Might Have a Slab Leak

cracked-concrete-foundationIf there’s a phrase that has the most potential to strike fear in the hearts of Utah homeowners, it has to be “slab leak.” Perhaps you know a neighbor, friend, or family member who’s suffered from a slab leak problem.

These problematic water leaks occur in the pipes that run beneath a house’s concrete slab or foundation. Because they are notoriously difficult to detect, slab leaks often go unnoticed for a long time. Once the signs of a slab leak become apparent, locating and accessing the slab leak creates another set of problems.

Even though slab leaks aren’t always preventable, noticing the first signs of slab leaks is the key to early detection. Here are common signs of slab leaks that all proactive homeowners should recognize.

Your Water Bill is Increasing

Monitoring your water bill should be done for numerous reasons, but it’s also a good way to detect a slab leak. If your water bill has increased but your water usage hasn’t, this could be a sign of a slab leak.

You Can Hear Running Water

This warning sign can be more difficult to discern. But if you’re hearing the faint sound of running water, but you aren’t running your taps or appliances, the source of the noise is a potential slab leak.

Wet, Damp, or Warm Flooring

Monitoring your home’s ground-level flooring is a good way to detect a slab leak. Physical clues to be on the lookout for include warm and damp spots or discoloration in the carpet, hardwood flooring, or baseboards. Cracked or buckling floorboards are also a warning sign. If you notice changes in your flooring, schedule an appointment with our plumbing technicians.

Smell of Mold

When a slab leak occurs, moisture works its way into the concrete slab. Over time, this moisture builds up, creating conditions that allow mold and mildew to develop in your home’s foundation. If you can detect the faint smell of mold or mildew in your home and can’t trace it to anything, have it checked out immediately. Even when they’re not visible, mold infestations can cause severe health problems.

Water Intrusion into Your Home

Unfortunately, many homeowners learn they have a slab leak when water begins coming up through the flooring. Water intrusion at this level can cause serious damage to your home and should be checked immediately.

Check the Water Meter

A fail-proof way to determine if you have a slab leak is by shutting off the water in your home and checking your water meter. If the meter is still running, this is a strong sign there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

If you have even the slightest reason to suspect a slab leak, you need to contact the professional slab leak detection and repair technicians at Design Comfort. We have the tools and training we need to ensure that your slab leak is resolved as soon as possible to minimize any damage to your property.

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