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Heating System Maintenance: Have You Scheduled Your Appointment Yet?

It may seem hard to believe that the official start of fall is just a little over a week away, particularly since our temperatures haven’t even reached below 50 degrees at night yet. However we all know how quickly the weather can turn, and when it does you want a fully functioning heating system on your side. This means that now is the perfect time to schedule maintenance; before you need your system on a consistent basis.

Regular heating system maintenance is beneficial in a number of ways. Now is the time to look ahead at how effectively and efficiently you’ll be able to stay warm and comfortable when the cooler time of year comes around. Read on to discover the benefits of heating maintenance and why you should schedule your visit sooner rather than later.

Why Fall is the Right Time for Heater Maintenance

With daytime temperatures still relatively mild, it’s natural that you aren’t quite ready to start thinking about the cold of the winter season yet. Autumn is just a short time away though—just a little over a week—and temperatures are dropping whether we’re ready or not. Scheduling your heating system maintenance now, before you actually need the unit, will ensure that your system is ready when you are.

An important factor to remember is that heating technicians, including ours, are typically busiest during the winter. Whether our team is out doing a heater installation or on an emergency call, availability is limited. There’s no sense in waiting longer than necessary to get your system maintained. That’s why right now is the ideal time to schedule heating maintenance services. We will fully inspect and clean your system during maintenance, and will also let you know about any repair needs so that you have plenty of time to address these issues before winter arrives.

See why our customers say, “I love my Design Comfort” when they choose us for their Holladay, UT heating maintenance needs. Contact us today!

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