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New Furnace Installation: Should you go Gas or Electric?

Although fall is coming in just a few days, it’s pretty hard to tell cooler temperatures are on their way around here! But sure enough, they are. Which means if you are considering a new heating system installation, now is the time to take action.

Furnaces are found in many homes throughout the country. This popular heating system is very efficient, particularly with the high efficient models on the market today. But what type of furnace is best for you? Should you go with a gas-powered system or would an electric furnace make more sense? Keep reading to learn more about each system and why one of them may be a better choice than the other for your particular needs.

Should You Choose Gas?

The gas-powered furnace is probably one of the most popular choices for heating systems in homes today. There isn’t a whole lot of argument against a gas furnace, as this heating system is very effective, combusting low-costs natural gas in order to heat air, which is then distributed through your home via your ductwork. In addition to affordability, gas is preferred over oil or propane, making a gas-powered furnace a great choice. Natural gas is actually fairly clean-burning as well, for a fossil fuel.

Is an Electric Furnace a Better Choice?

One of the biggest arguments against using an electric furnace is the cost of running electricity from month to month. It is true, you will likely need to spend more to heat your home than you would with an efficient gas heater. However, gas furnaces are susceptible to heat loss, and gas is not always readily available to all homes. Also, albeit very rare these days, gas-powered appliances may lead to safety concerns. Electric furnaces give you a peace of mind that a gas furnace can’t always offer.

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