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Beware These Late-Season Air Conditioning Troubles

While many parts of the country seem to be cooling down enough to start thinking about heating system maintenance—which is not exactly that far off for us either—residents in the communities we serve are still contending with some pretty hot temperatures. As such, we need our air conditioners to continue functioning efficiently and effectively through the rest of the season.

If an air conditioner is going to break down, and it hasn’t been properly maintained within the last year, then it’s most likely to happen right about now, after it’s handled a huge amount of work through the beginning of summer. As such, we recommend that you keep a close eye on your air conditioning system and be aware of any problems that crop up. Be sure not to neglect any symptoms of malfunction just because it’s almost the end of summer—delaying small repairs can result in larger, costlier problems.

So, what should you watch out for?

Ice on Your Evaporator Coil

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that since it is the air conditioner’s job to cool, that ice forming on the system is normal. Unfortunately, this is not the case and ice can actually be quite damaging to your system. What happens is that the indoor evaporator coil can collect a layer of dust—particularly if the air filter is changed or cleaned on a regular basis—and the dust restricts how well the coil can absorb heat, leaving the refrigerant too cold and triggering ice development. As a result, the evaporator coil cannot function as it should, and will eventually render your air conditioner inoperable.

Failed Capacitor

Capacitors are vital electrical components that send voltage to start the air conditioner’s motors, and keep them running. If a capacitor overheats, then it will lose its ability to maintain an electric charge. The best way to determine if a capacitor is starting to fail—other than calling our HVAC technicians—is to listen for a distinct clicking noise when your air conditioner turns on and is running.

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