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Signs Your Furnace is Failing

signs-your-furnace-is-failingIf you want a truly efficient furnace, it’s important that you take good care of the heating system. This means scheduling routine maintenance at least once a year, which gives our technicians the opportunity to fully inspect and clean the heating system, and make any necessary adjustments and/or suggestions for repairs. Of course, even with the most diligent care, your furnace can begin to fail.

This is especially true of older heating systems. The good news is that your furnace breakdown doesn’t have to come as a surprise—you can be prepared for necessary Holladay, UT furnace repairs or potentially even a full furnace replacement. Keep reading for a few warning signs that your furnace may be failing.


As mentioned above, your furnace will begin to fail as it ages. It’d be great if your heater could last forever, but unfortunately this is just not the case for any type of heating system. You can expect your furnace to last between 15-20 years so long as you take good care of it. However, once it reaches this age then it’s time to start paying attention to any abnormal sounds, unusual operating quirks, and even foul odors—all of which can be a sign of a bigger problem.

Cold Air

There could be any number of problems that cause this. It could be a miscalibrated thermostat, for example—which isn’t a problem with your actual heating system at all but still needs to be address. In many cases though, cold air coming from a furnace is an indication of a malfunctioning blower fan. IN this scenario, the furnace may not have enough power to blow air throughout the home, resulting in cold spots.

Odd Noises

You likely know better than anyone the sounds of normal operation coming from your furnace. If you start hearing pops or squeaks while your furnace is on, when you never did before, you’d do well not to ignore it. This is most likely a sign that something has come loose in your unit that needs to be repaired or replaced. Oftentimes this is a fairly simple fix, but if left neglected it can lead to extensive damages throughout the heating system.

Unexplained Bill Increase

Have you noticed your heating bills increasing year-over-year? Compare your heating bills to the previous year, and also if you can compare them to your neighbors’. If there is no difference in use and yet you are seeing a noticeable increase in your heating bills, then unfortunately you are most likely experiencing a furnace that isn’t working as efficiently as it once was. In the most ideal situation, this would be fixed with a repair. However depending on how old the system is, you may need a replacement.

Excessive Dust

Have you noticed more dust in your home than normal? This may be the sign of a clogged air filter, so do be sure to check on that first. It could also mean that your ductwork has been breached or is damaged. Be sure to call on our professional technicians if you do notice an excessive amount of dust, as this could mean your furnace has aged to a point that it simply cannot filter the air as effectively as it once did.

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