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Why a Water Softener Should Be Your Next Home Purchase

Hard water is not a problem that is unique to any one part of the country. It affects just as many homeowners here in Utah as it does anywhere else. The good news is that hard water isn’t particularly unhealthy. It’s water that consists of high amounts of mineral contents—typically calcium and magnesium—that your body can safely absorb.

However, just because hard water won’t make you ill doesn’t mean it’s good for your quality of life. In fact, in addition to impacting how you cook and clean, after time hard water can actually damage your plumbing system to the point that you need repiping or leak repair.

Clean Up Your Drinking Water

Have you ever noticed that when you fill an ice tray with water, that the resulting ice has a cloudy look to it? Or when you do your dishes, though clean they come out with water spots and a white film on them? This is the result of hard water. A water softener, however, will make your water cleaner, improving its functionality and its taste.

Take a More Refreshing Shower

When you have hard water, you may find yourself exiting the shower with slimy feeling hair, like you didn’t rinse all the conditioner out. It can also leave your skin feeling dry. If you’ve notices a crusty white build-up on your bathroom faucets and shower heads, you do likely suffer from hard water, and a water softener can make your showers more enjoyable.

Brighter Clothes

Have you noticed that your clothes fade a little more with every wash? While this is a natural process, hard water expedites the process. It causes your washables to wear out faster than they should, which results in your bright clothes fading faster.

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