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How Does Your Thermostat Impact Your Heater?

Your heating system’s thermostat, which serves at the “brain” of the unit, controls when you heater cycles on and off, enabling you to precisely control the temperature in your home and raise or lower it as needed. Though this all probably goes without saying, most homeowners take the functionality of their thermostats for granted. A faulty or broken thermostat could actually have a pretty big impact on how your heater works.

The Problem with a Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat may suffer problems for a number of reasons—there might be a problem with the activation mechanism, or the thermostat might fail to accurately read the temperature for some reason. Whatever is causing the issues, the problems soon become apparent when your heater won’t work as you expect it too.

In some cases, your heater won’t turn on when it’s supposed to, or it will shut off before it’s reached your desired heating temperature. On the other hand, it may continue to run even though your desired temperature has been reached, leaving you sweltering in your home. Either of these problems wastes a great amount of energy, and increases wear and tear on your system as a whole.

Problems from the Start

Let’s say you’ve just installed a central furnace, and subsequently a thermostat, only to discover problems with your heater from the start. In many cases, the problem is not with the heater at all, but rather the placement of your thermostat.

If it’s been installed in an area with a high draft or a spot that gets an excessive amount of sunlight, it may not be able to accurately read the temperature of your home. Therefore, it can turn on and off when you don’t need it to. Correcting the issue is as simple as moving the location of the thermostat itself, a service our repair professionals would be happy to assist you with!

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