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5 Signs You Need a Water Softener

salt-being-poured-into-water-softenerIn our area, water supplies go through a large amount of filtration and conditioning before that water reaches your home’s faucets and plumbing appliances. Alternatively, if you use groundwater from a well, you probably have your own water treatment system on site. But what many homeowners in either case don’t realize is that they may be in need of a water softener to resolve hard water issues.

Hard water is the name given to water that has a high level of minerals in it—namely calcium, magnesium, and sometimes iron. If these minerals sound harmless, it’s because they are. At least, they’re harmless for you and I to ingest. However, they’re not so harmless when it comes to your plumbing system and your quality of life. In fact, hard water can lead to plumbing leaks, faded clothing from the washing machine, and more.

But this can all be prevented with the installation of a whole-house water softener. So how do you know if you need one? Read on as we uncover some signs that this is the case.

There’s a Lot of Soap Scum Coating the Bathtub or Shower Stall

No, this doesn’t mean you’re bad at keeping things clean. Soap scum can build up really quickly if you have hard water, actually. In fact, the minerals prevent soap from dissolving as quickly or as easily as it normally would, which is how soap scum forms.

In addition to soap scum you may notice a white or yellow residue buildup known as limescale. The problem with scaling is that the same substance you see on the outside of your faucets and drains is also building up inside the pipes. This restricts the volume inside the pipes, therefore restricting the flow of water and leading to a drop in water pressure.

You See Water Spots on Glasses from the Dishwasher

Water spots can appear on glassware after you do the dishes due to the minerals within the water supply. They’re harmless, of course, but they’re still a bother, and this could indicate that your dishwasher is slowly accumulating damage from the same hard water molecules that block up pipes and cost homeowners way too much money to deal with.

Your Hair and Skin Don’t Feel Right After Showering

Many folks describe their hair and skin as feeling dull after a shower. This is due to hard water, which lacks in volume or movement. The minerals from hard water dilute the shampoo and body soap you use, causing this unfortunate reaction.

Your Showerhead Clogs Up Too Quickly

Over the course of time, mineral buildup can restrict water from flowing through the pipes effectively. This happens even faster with a showerhead, which has multiple small openings. When minerals build up on these openings, you’ll notice a decrease in water pressure, and other related problems.

Your Clothes Are Fading Too Quickly

You might notice that your favorite shirt or a cute pair of pants are fading way too quickly. This can happen if too much hard water exists in your plumbing system. It’s time to give us a call and learn about the numerous benefits of a whole-house water softener.

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