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What to Look for with a New Water Heater

Your old water heater now approaches retirement, and you’re on the market for its replacement. But the variety of water heaters available, which includes both storage and tankless systems as well as a variety of different fuel sources, can make choosing one tough. We’ll outline some basic questions to ask yourself about what you’re looking for in a new water heater.

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Can it handle your demand for hot water?

No two households will require the same volume of hot water. If you have a large family, you’ll need more hot water available, especially during weekday mornings. However, a smaller family can sometimes still put large demands on hot water depending upon its habits. When shopping for a hot water heater, ask the professionals about how much hot water each unit can provide and if it will match your needs; you don’t want to install a system that can’t keep up with your family!

How efficiently does it run with multiple use points turned on at once?

This is a different issue from the volume of hot water you use during a day. Instead, it relates to how many different hot water taps might be on at the same time. It’s important to factor this into your search for hot water because some newer high-efficiency models like tankless water heaters will lose their efficiency if there are numerous simultaneous demands for hot water. In such cases, you may lean toward the traditional storage water heater.

Will the heater work with my budget plans (short- and long-term)?

Storage water heaters cost less to install than tankless models. Tankless water heaters cost less to run than storage models. Which savings works better for you? This is another place where a water heater professional can provide you with invaluable assistance; he or she will help you estimate your long-term costs and compare it to initial installation, and you’ll find out which model will serve you best.

It’s no simple task to find the new water heater that will meet your household’s demands as well as save you money. At least, it’s no easy task on your own. With trained technicians familiar with water heater installation in Salt Lake City, UT working with you, the selection job will present few problems, and you can rest easy that the heater the installers put in your home is the heater that should be in your home.

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