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Things to Repair Now That Heating Season Is Over

Spring will bring with it warm weather, ramping us up for another hot summer season. Your home’s heating system is about to go on a sabbatical (with perhaps a few “guest appearances” on select cool days) and you won’t think about it much until the cold weather returns.

But warm weather is an ideal time to take care of any repairs you may have neglected during the winter. You should never let any heating repair go for any length of time, but it’s difficult to face having your heater down during repairs. So if those malfunctions were still occurring when the winter ended, grab this time during the warmer temperatures of spring and before the busy season of summer to have heating services in Salt Lake City, UT for whatever ails your heater.

Design Comfort has NATE-certified technicians ready to assist you when you need help for your home’s comfort system. Here are some repairs to call them for now that heating season has concluded:

Leaking in a boiler

Those water pools starting around your boiler… that’s bad news. You have leaking occurring either in the connections, the valves, or along the tank itself. Water build-up can also lead to damage. Have technicians seal up leaks and find out what caused them in the first place.

Grinding sounds from a furnace

A furnace that starts making unusual noises needs to have professional attention right away. If your furnace was starting to “growl” at you at the end of winter, it could mean motors on the verge of dying… and they’ll like die the next time your turn the furnace on. Have technicians replace the troubled motors before they become worse.

Inadequate airflow from the vents

If you noticed that airflow from your vents was dropping, then there are a number of repairs might help you. Usually, this means a problem in the air handler that contains the blower motor, and under certain conditions you may need the unit replaced entirely.

Corrosion on a furnace or boiler

Rust or corrosion of any kind is something you never want to encounter on a furnace or a boiler. If this develops too far, it usually means you must replace the whole system with a new installation. Don’t hesitate to have specialists inspect the unit and find out what is happening to cause the corrosion and what must be done to fix it.

Prompt and skilled repairs are an essential part of making sure your heating system lives up to its efficiency rating and its expected service life. Catch up on those repairs now with professional heating services in Salt Lake City, UT from Design Comfort.

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