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Is Your Sewer Line Backed Up?

Sewer lines are not pleasant to think about, nor are they pleasant to deal with when you have a problem. However, they play a vital role in your home’s intricate plumbing system. When you do have a problem with your sewer line, you are not only inconvenienced but you could have a very messy and costly problem on your hands.

If your sewer line is clogged, then your home’s wastewater has nowhere to go. Therefore it will come back up your pipes, bringing at least the odor of raw sewage back up with it. If you suspect you might have a sewer line clog, then it’s best to get it taken care of right away. How do you know if this line is backed up though? Keep reading for some common signs.

Multiple Plumbing Issues

Have you noticed that multiple plumbing fixtures in your home are clogged, or draining water slowing? There’s a very high chance that the reasons is due to a clogged main line. Check items like your bathtub, toilet, and even your kitchen sink. If they all seem to be suffering, there’s likely one root cause.

Strange Reactions to Plumbing Actions

When you flush your toilet, do you notice water backing up into your bathtub or shower drain? How about when you run your bathroom sink: is the toilet bubbling or is its water level rising? Also pay attention to what happens in your home when you use your washing machine. You might notice your toilets overflowing or water backing up into the tub or shower.

Bad Odors

This is probably the most obvious sign that you have a sewer line problem. If your main lined is backed up, then your drains will smell of raw sewage. This isn’t a smell you can miss as it’s extremely unpleasant! If you’ve discovered this sign or any of the above mentioned indicators, it’s time to call a professional in.

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