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What Could Happen If You Ignore a Plumbing Leak?

blue cloth tied around white pipePlumbing problems probably rank at the top of your list for annoying household issues to deal with. And most leaks are difficult to detect—in fact, the majority of homeowners don’t realize they even have a plumbing problem until it’s too late to prevent extensive damage.

Leaks are among the most common plumbing problems we get calls for, and they can cause a number of issues beyond just the leak itself. If you know what to look for, however, you can tell when it’s time to call for a professional plumber in Salt Lake City, UT. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of a plumbing leak, and why you shouldn’t ignore them.

Do You Have a Plumbing Leak?

There are a few common signs that indicate your home is suffering from a plumbing leak of some kind. For instance, you may have an unexplained spike in your water bills. Sure, water bills rise and fall naturally from month to month, but the change shouldn’t be drastic, unless you suddenly started using more water than you used to. Higher bills usually indicate that you’re losing water somewhere you shouldn’t be.

A running water meter is another sign of a leak. If all of your plumbing appliances in your home are turned off, then your water meter shouldn’t be running. If it is, it means that water is escaping form your system somewhere.

Loss of water pressure is one final sign to watch out for. This might be the result of municipal work on your water line, so be sure to check for that first. In the absence of this issue, however, you’re more than likely dealing with a leak somewhere.

Can I Wait to Have it Repaired?

Sure, but you’ll probably end up wasting a lot of water, and subsequent money. Not only that, but you’d be surprised by the amount of property damage that can accumulate due to a neglected leak, too. Even the slowest drip from a faucet can end up wasting gallons of water per year. Not only is this bad environmentally, it means higher water bills for you—much higher than what you should be paying.

Property damage is nothing to scoff at, either. One of the worst leaks that a homeowner can face is that of a slab leak. This is when a pipe bursts or breaks beneath the foundation of your home. You can sometimes detect this type of leak by a warm spot on your floor. Once it’s detected, however, it’s likely already caused a significant amount of damage, so you definitely don’t want to ignore it.

Leaks behind walls can be just as bad—leading to wood and drywall rot in your home, and the development of mold. Mold is potentially harmful to your health, and can be a nuisance to get rid of. The best thing you can do when you discover a leak or suspect a leak is give our plumbers a call.

When you find yourself in need of a professional plumber, look no further than our team. Contact us today and learn what keeps our customers saying, “I Love My Design Comfort!”

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