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Does Your Main Water Line Need Replacing?

There is not a single section of your plumbing system that is not important to you or needed on an almost daily basis. There are, however, two major plumbing lines that especially need to be monitored and fully functional at all times. These lines are your septic—or sewer—line and your main water line.

Without a properly operating main water line, your home has no access to the clean, fresh water that it needs. And in order to properly replace the water line while adhering to local and state codes, you only want to trust professionals. Keep reading to learn more about the common signs that your main water line is in trouble and may very soon need replacing.

Soggy Spots on Your Lawn

The water line that carries municipal water to your home is buried underground. Therefore if a leak or leaks have developed, the water will eventually seep into the dirt and head toward the surface. This seeping will create soggy areas and/or puddles around your yard.

Decreased Water Pressure

When problems occur within your main water line, the pressure inside of it can decrease. Within your home, you’ll notice low water pressure coming from each of the faucets of your home. If you notice this, it’s never a good sign, so be sure to call our professional plumbers right away.

Discolored Water

Sometimes, the cause of your main water line troubles may be corrosion. If this is the case with your water line, then you might notice a discoloration of your water due to rust getting into the water flow. There’s typically no discretion between hot and cold water when this occurs (if it only happens with hot water then this signals a problem with your water heater).

To schedule main water line replacement in Millcreek, UT, trust the team that follows up to ensure customer satisfaction, every time: Design Comfort.

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