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3 Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater

You turn the handle with the letter “H” or the red mark on it, and hot water pours out of a faucet or showerhead. This is something you expect to happen every day, and thanks to a sturdy water heater, you will get it almost every day.

But then that day will come when it won’t happen: you have a dead water heater and you need to replace it with a new system. This happens to all water heaters eventually—no home appliance can endure forever. But you may decide to replace your heater before this occurs: here are three good reasons to schedule water heater replacement service in Salt Lake City before the heater gives out on you entirely.

Installing a new system to provide you with the hot water necessary for daily comfort is a simple task for the right professionals: call on Design Comfort, where water heaters are one of our specialties.

1. It is exceptionally old

You should know the age of your system and the manufacturer’s expected lifespan for it. (Look on the heaters tank to find this information.) Most heaters will last 1–15 years with maintenance. A heater over 15 years could begin to fail at any time, and should be replaced before it turns into a money waster and a source of numerous repairs. You have already received a great return on the initial investment; get ahead of the heater before it begins to fail.

2. It has started to corrode

Corrosion striking the tank is often the sign of a water heating system in its final stages. When rusty brown water starts flowing from the taps, or if you spot corrosion on the water tank, then the water heater is on the verge of dying and repairs will not reverse the process.

3. You want to shift to a tankless water heater

If your family has grown since you installed the water heater, you might start to find that the old heater is inadequate for your needs and runs out of hot water too rapidly. In this case, consider the switch to the technological advance of the tankless water heater, which not only saves power (no need to keep a tank of water constantly hot with continuous energy use) but provides you hot water on-demand… so you’ll never run out of hot water, no matter how many people in your home need morning showers. Ditch the old storage heater for a tankless model if your installer thinks it will better fill your needs.

Remember that you need to have trained and qualified installers put in a new water heater for your home or else it will not work as expected and encounter efficiency and performance issues. Trust the work to the staff at Design Comfort, where water heater replacement in Salt Lake City is one of the services we take pride in.

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