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How Can My Air Conditioning System Help with Humidity?

It’s not so much the heat as it is the humidity.

We’ve all heard this phrase before, and we’ve all experienced it: the higher the moisture level in the air, the more uncomfortable a hot day will feel. The reason for this is that high humidity makes it more difficult for our pores to sweat. Sweating is our bodies’ defense against overheating; the release of moisture from our bodies also releases heat. But with too much moisture in the air, we sweat at a slower rate, and lose heat at a slower rate as well. We end up feeling hotter than temperature around us.

Air conditioners can help make your home more comfortable during sweltering summer days when the humidity level contributes to your discomfort. But your AC needs to remain in good operating condition for this to work. When it’s time for repairs for your air conditioning, call Design Comfort. We have 24-hour emergency air conditioning service available in Salt Lake City for when that busted AC can’t wait.

Why Air Conditioning Helps Reduce Humidity

Modern ACs are not designed specifically as dehumidifiers (although some have humidity controls as extra features, and the first electro-mechanical air conditioner was specifically engineered to reduce humidity within a paper plant), but the process of evaporation that creates the feeling of cooler air in your home also draws moisture out of the air.

The evaporator coil in an air conditioner is located in the indoor cabinet of the system. As refrigerant runs through this coil, it absorbs heat from the air, cooling the air down. But it also absorbs moisture from the air, which condenses along the coil. This moisture collects into a shallow pan below the coil (the condensate pan) and from there a pump removes it through a drain. The moisture does not re-enter your home’s air, and so you experience a pleasant humidity reduction.

Watch Out For the Opposite Effect, However

Low humidity is often a problem in Salt Lake City, and this can feel as uncomfortable as high humidity. An air conditioner can end up drying your home out too much, and if this is often the case, consider investing in a whole-house humidifier to create a balance. The combination of the two will help your home achieve the right humidity level no matter the weather.

Design Comfort, along with offering excellent service for air conditioning systems in Salt Lake City, also installs humidifiers. Call us today and talk to our indoor air quality specialists to find out the best way to achieve the right moisture balance inside your house.

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