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Steps to Take with Your Furnace at the End of Heating Season

Another season of using furnaces to keep our homes warm has come to an end, and the hum of air conditioners will soon take over. But as the calendar moves toward the end of spring and into the heat of summer, there are some important steps to take regarding the furnaces that will sit tranquil for the next few months.

No, you’re not done with your furnace yet.

Our professionals at Design Comfort have some advice on steps you can take to make sure your furnace has a good vacation and will be ready for the return of cooler weather in fall. Contact us for help with furnaces in Holladay, UT. We have NATE-certified technicians on staff with the skill and knowledge to handle any issues with your furnace.

Some steps for retiring your furnace for spring and summer

  • Check and change the air filter: This filter protects the interior of the furnace from debris that gets drawn in through the return vents. As debris collects in the filter, it will begin to clog and may reach a point where it chokes off airflow. Check the furnace’s filter, and if it is highly congested with dust, dirt, lint, and hair, change it for a fresh one so the furnace is ready to come back on whenever you need it.
  • Run the furnace for an hour to look for problems: It’s a good idea to have any necessary repairs for your furnace done long before winter arrives, and spring is an especially good time to take care of them because HVAC repair technicians have less crowded schedules. Turn on your furnace for an hour and listen for odd noises from the cabinets or weird smells from the vents. Check the airflow from the vents. See if the heat level feels right for what the thermostat displays. Should anything seem amiss, call for repairs right away.
  • Schedule maintenance if more than a year has passed: Annual maintenance for a furnace from a professional is a must. It helps avoid breakdowns, energy waste, and safety issues. Usually, furnace maintenance takes place in the fall. If you did not have it done then, and more than a year has passed since the last maintenance session, have it done now. Make sure your furnace is in the best shape possible for when it roars back to life in fall.

We want you to have any concerns about your furnace removed from your mind as you enjoy the spring and summer. Let our Design Comfort specialists in furnaces in Holladay, UT help you make the final fixes, adjustments, and inspections on your heating system so you can turn it off for the next few months without worrying about turning it back on again in fall.

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