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What Are UV Germicidal Lights Used For?

Numerous studies have been conducted throughout the years that prove UV lights are capable of destroying the DNA of germs. This includes viruses, mold, spores, fungi and bacteria. UV lights can even help prevent the onset of allergies and asthma symptoms related to airborne particles. But how does this benefit you? What are they used for in residential settings?UV germicidal lights are used in HVAC systems to destroy biological pollutants that exist in your ductwork and potentially in your indoor air. UV lights can be used as a supplement to your air filtration system. They do not filter out particles already present in the air, but they do help your HVAC system provide you with purified air.

Are They Really Necessary?

We’ve added elements to our homes in recent years that have accelerated the growth of microorganisms, including self-defrost refrigerators, humidifiers, and energy-efficient AC units. These systems do a lot to improve our indoor air comfort, but they also provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mold pollutants in your ductwork or drain pipes.

Is There a Risk of UV Exposure?

While prolonged exposure to UV light is harmful, you do not have to worry about that with UV germicidal lights. These are designed for heating and cooling systems with your safety in mind. They are installed within the HVAC unit itself, therefore minimizing exposure to UV radiation.

When Will I Need a Replacement?

The frequency in which your UV lights need to be changed out will depend on how you are using your system. However, in general they should be replaced approximately once a year. Just like any other HVAC component, your UV germicidal lights should be regularly maintained to keep them working at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. During a maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician will inspect and adjust all the components of your indoor air quality system to make sure you’re getting the performance you need.

To learn more about UV germicidal lights in Salt Lake City, UT, contact the indoor air quality experts at Design Comfort today.


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