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What to Check If Your Heater Stops Working

With plenty of cold weather still ahead of us—especially at night—a functioning heater is essential. As all Salt Lake City, UT residents are aware, nobody wants their comfort to be disrupted by a seemingly failing heating system. Your first instinct may naturally be to call for repairs. We are happy to take your call and do offer these services. However before you contact us, check for the following factors to make sure there’s not a simple explanation for your heater not working.

Check Your Power Supply

When a heater stops working, your assumption may automatically be that there’s something wrong with the system, but this might not actually be the case. Perhaps the power switch got turned off by accident. This might have occurred as you were getting other work done to your home. Make sure your HVAC breakers and flipped to the “on” position and check your system again.

Change Your Air Filters

Are your air filters looking particularly dirty? If they haven’t been replaced in a while, they may be clogged and preventing airflow from passing through. As a result, you may notice a lot less power than usual coming from the system.

Check Your Vents

Have you recently moved any furniture or large objects in your home that can be blocking vents? Look around your vents, grills, and air registers to make sure there is nothing blocking them, and to see that there is sufficient airflow.

Check the Safety Switch

Heating systems have a safety switch on or near them. Depending on where your system is located, this switch might have been bumped off by a family member, pet, etc. Be sure to check this before assuming that you need heater repairs.

Let’s say that you’ve checked all the factors above, and/or your heater is showing troubling symptoms. It’s now time to call for a repair. Signs that your system may not be working properly include insufficient or uneven heating, or cold air coming from your heater.

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