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“I Skipped Maintenance This Year, Is My Heater at Risk?”

Keep silence. Scared woman covering mouth with hands while posing to camera on gray studio background. Shocked girl close lips with palms, speak no evil conceptIt may very well be, but the good news is, it’s never too late for a heating maintenance appointment! Sure, we do recommend that homeowners have this service done in the fall, before you need your heater on a daily basis. However, that matters less than how often you have your heater tuned-up. We advise that all homeowners have their heaters maintained at least once a year. If you have a heat pump system—that is, a 2-in-1 HVAC system that you use year round—then you’ll want to schedule a tune-up twice a year.

The fact of the matter is, the biggest and typically costliest of heating repair needs can almost always be prevented, just by keeping up on your annual (or biannual) maintenance appointments! It’s at this time that our technicians get the chance to fully inspect and clean your heater, making any necessary adjustments and recommendations for repairs as we go, giving you plenty of time to get those professional repairs on your schedule at your convenience! Without maintenance, you may find yourself with any number of heating problems, two of which we cover below.

Skipped Maintenance? Expect to Make One of These Service Calls

Two of the most common we get called for are a heater that won’t start, and one that won’t stop. Keep reading to learn more about what’s probably going on if you find yourself facing either of these problems.

Why Your Heater Might Not Start

There are a few potential causes of a heater failing to start. Some are more serious than others, but practically all can be caught beforehand with maintenance.

One possible problem is with your thermostat and not your actual heating system at all. Be sure to check your thermostat to make sure it’s actually in heating mode, first. If it is but your system still won’t start, turn off the power to the thermostat from the circuit breaker and then check for frayed wiring. Don’t skip shutting down the circuit breaker first—it’s for your safety!

The problem might otherwise be due to a lack of electrical power. Perhaps you have a tripped circuit breaker, or there is a power outage in your neighborhood. For gas-powered systems, it might be that your pilot light is out.

But what if none of the above mentioned scenarios match yours? Well then you may have a more serious problem on your hands. Your next move should be to call in a pro!

Why Your Heater Might Not Stop

When the weather is chilly enough, this might seem like a minor problem. More warmth for you and your family, right? Well unfortunately, this is detrimental to the efficiency of your heater, and could actually be slowly damaging it too—not to mention nobody wants to be that hot inside their homes, even if it is the coldest day of the year!

Again, this may be due to a thermostat issue and not a problem with your heater at all. If the thermostat is miscalibrated, in the wrong mode, or malfunctioning in some way, then it might not be able to accurately signal to the furnace that your desired temperature is being met, and it’s time to shut off as a result. It’s also possible you have your thermostat set too high and your heater is struggling to meet your desired temperature.

Another minor problem that might be causing your heater to keep running is that its air filter is too dirty and clogged, and is restricting airflow enough that your desired temperature can’t be met. The reason we call this one a minor problem is that changing your air filter is something you can do fairly easily, on your own. In fact, you should be changing your own air filter, every 1-3 months.

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