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Start Saving Money with a High Efficiency Furnace

The furnaces on the market today are all much more energy efficient than those on the market even just a decade ago. But that doesn’t mean that all of the current models are created the same. There’s still a pretty big difference between furnaces when it comes to efficiency as well as price. Therefore, you really need to know what you’re looking for if you want to get the best deal out there.

One of the most important factors you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting a new furnace is its efficiency. All furnace systems come with an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, which reflects just exactly how energy efficient they are.

More About AFUE Ratings

Every furnace on the market today has an AFUE of at least 80%. However it’s possible to buy models with AFUEs of 97% or more. Efficiency is almost always a good thing; however, there are many home factors to consider when determining just how efficient your new system should be.

For example, you’ll want to consider your upfront budget. Your heating bills will certainly be lower the higher the furnace’s efficiency is. However, you’ll also have to pay more upfront for the highest efficiency models.

Also, you’ll want to think about how much demand you’ll be putting on your heating system. When winters are mild, or if you’re typically on vacation during a large part of the season, then you may not use your furnace enough to really make the month-to-month savings worth getting the highest efficiency heater.

All that being said, the highest efficiency furnaces on the market today—80%, as mentioned above—are going to be more efficient already than your current furnace, and has the ability to save you a significant amount monthly when compared to your current unit. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is call our professionals to learn more about efficiency ratings and what’s best for your home.

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