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Electric or Gas: Choosing the Furnace That Is Right for You

Natural gas-powered furnaces are among the most popular types of heaters in modern homes. In fact, many heating companies recommend them due to their low costs of operation and the effectiveness of their heating. However, an electric furnace is not a bad choice either. It has its own set of benefits that may fill your needs as a homeowner. Sometimes, and electric furnace may even be a better choice for you, such as in the scenarios we’ve listed below.

You Have No Access to Natural Gas

Natural gas lines are extremely common, however not universal for homes. If you are lacking a gas like that you’re able to hook up in your area, then an electric furnace is one of your best options for heating.

Fewer Safety Concerns

Today’s furnaces are built to be incredibly sturdy and thus, safe. Gas furnaces are not highly dangerous and we do not intend to imply that you should be worried for your safety if you invest in a gas-powered model.

However, they do require extra precautions to ensure they remain safe. With an electric furnace, however, you will never have to worry about carbon monoxide leaks or other gas-related incidences.

Affordable Installation

Due to the safety concerns and gas line requirements, gas-powered furnaces are a bit more expensive to install than their electric counterparts. An electric furnace is a bit more cost-effective when it comes to upfront costs.

Life Expectancy

Another area where you can save money with an electric furnace is that it will very likely outlast a gas furnace. Gas furnaces experience more wear and tear on their components, which means they have a shorter operational lifespan.

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