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Is an Electric Furnace Still a Good Choice?

If it’s time to install a new furnace in your home, you may be deciding between a gas and electric furnace. While both models are excellent in their own unique ways, electric furnaces have a few benefits that you don’t get with a gas furnace.

When you need furnace installation in Salt Lake City, you don’t have to complete your project alone. Our team is here to help decide which furnace is right for your home and family, get you through installation, and even help maintain the unit over the course of its lifespan. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of an electric furnace so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Elevated Safety

Electric furnaces are known to be safer than gas furnaces. Since gas furnaces have gas lines, leading into them, you face additional risks with potential gas leaks and fire hazards. It is important to understand that all modern furnaces come with a variety of safety components and sensors. 

All furnaces are completely safe to operate, but some do come with slightly higher risks. Even electric furnaces have some risks since they use electricity. But when you compare the two, an electric furnace is the safer choice.

Longer Lifespan

An electric furnace also tends to have a longer expected lifespan compared to a gas furnace. The process of combustion that happens inside a gas furnace can put a lot of strain on the system. Even when you care for a gas furnace very well, it’s going to have a shorter lifespan compared to an electric furnace that faces less strain. 

Electric furnaces use burners or heating elements to produce heat for your home. While these do take longer to warm up compared to gas furnaces, they don’t put as much wear and tear on the other components, giving your electric furnace the chance for a longer lifespan.

Savings on Maintenance

Plus electric furnaces are easier and cheaper to maintain. Keep in mind that you want to schedule annual maintenance for any type of heater you have, whether it is gas, electric or some other type of heating system. 

The difference is that an electric furnace will require fewer maintenance steps during these annual tune-ups compared to a gas furnace. Again, this all comes down to the combustion process and the presence of gas and an open flame. Parts can wear down faster and gas furnaces usually need more care when it comes to cleaning the inside of the system.

Better Availability

If you don’t already have existing gas lines in your home, they can be expensive and time consuming to invest in. If you don’t plan on using other gas appliances, it may not make sense to go through the process of installing gas lines just to have a gas furnace. All homes have access to electricity, making an electric furnace easier to connect and set up. If you already have an existing electric furnace, replacing it with a newer model makes the installation process that much easier.

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