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3 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Running Up the Energy Bill

When you see a sudden spike in your energy bills over the winter season, your boiler may be to blame. As one of the larger household appliances, a boiler can consume a lot of energy. Usually, energy use is low enough that your boiler is working efficiently to heat your home. Sudden spikes and energy usage are red flags that something is wrong with your boiler – especially if you have not adjusted any of the settings. 

It means that you need to schedule boiler service in Salt Lake City. You can keep reading to learn about three possible causes of high energy bills when it comes to your boiler. Then, you can give our team a call to schedule service and we can troubleshoot to get down to the root cause of the issue and prevent it from happening again.

Boiler Settings

It’s possible that your boiler settings are incorrect and need to be adjusted so that your boiler uses less energy during operation. For example, if heating or pressure controls are either too low or too high, your boiler may take on extra strain and work harder to heat your home. 

This can use more energy as your boiler is working against inefficient conditions. Your boiler has a range of settings that are ideal for optimal operation. Anything outside of that range will cost you more on your monthly energy costs. Plus, your boiler may not be producing the results that you want it to. 

Lack of Maintenance

A boiler requires annual professional maintenance to help the system maintain energy efficiency. Otherwise, parts can wear down over time and stop working together as effectively as they usually would. When this happens, your boiler begins to consume more energy for regular operation.

Maintenance is an opportunity to make minor tweaks to your boiler. Our team can make sure all connections are secure, tighten components, and clean out gears so we can re-lubricate them. These may seem like minor things, but they can add up quickly to better efficiency for your boiler. 

Plus, a maintenance appointment is an opportunity for our team to look at your boiler inside and out to identify any potential repair needs. It’s always better to replace components before they wear down completely. This preventative action helps you stay ahead of a boiler breakdown that can leave lasting damage.

Air Leaks

When you think about your boiler, you probably think more about water than the air. However, your boiler does need adequate airflow to provide heating for your home. Airflow is just as important to your boiler as the water is for heating. Air leaks in your boiler can mean that the pressure is off inside the system. 

As a result, your boiler will begin to compensate for the pressure changes by operating differently. Your boiler may be less effective, or it may work harder in an attempt to keep your home warm. Either way, air leaks need to be addressed. Otherwise, your boiler could begin to corrode. Once rest develops, it cannot be reversed, and affected components will need to be completely replaced.

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