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Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home

For countless homeowners throughout the nation, the furnace represents the ideal home heating solution. By heating air and then distributing that heated air throughout your home via a system of ductwork, a furnace can heat your living space in a very effective, very prompt manner. In order to ensure that you are able to fully enjoy the benefits of your furnace in Holladay, UT, you need to do more than just invest in a quality product from a dependable manufacturer. You must also be sure to choose the furnace that best suits your home and personal user preferences. When you work with the professional furnace technicians here at Design Comfort, you can count on this being the case.


Paramount to the successful operation of your new furnace is its sizing in relation to your home. You cannot simply figure out the square footage of your house, and use that information to determine of what size your furnace should be. While square footage certainly is a consideration, other facets of your home, such as its layout, number of residents, amount of windows, and more will all inform its size requirements. Let us complete a heat load calculation so that you get a furnace that suits your home’s heating demand perfectly.


Another major consideration to make when choosing your furnace is the type of fuel that it will use in heating your home. For most homeowners, natural gas is the natural preference. Natural gas is piped directly to the home, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling fuel deliveries or storing fuel onsite. That being said, not everyone will have access to natural gas. Electricity may be more expensive to purchase, but it is available just about everywhere. Plus, modern electric furnaces are so efficient as to help close the gap between the price points.


While opting for the cheapest furnace that you can find, simply because it is so cheap, may not be advisable, you also don’t want to stretch your budget too thin. When you work with our team, we’ll ensure that you get the most out of your new furnace, without creating a stressful financial burden. When you balance matters of efficiency and performance ratings with a reasonable budget, you’ll be living comfortably and affordably before long.

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