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3 Benefits of Using a Boiler

When the winter weather is at its most intense, you will see with absolute clarity all of the faults of your home heating system. Even if your heater is in good working condition, and even if it is capable of heating your home effectively, the fact remains that you may be put off by some of the basic features or drawbacks of common heating systems. While forced air distribution heating systems, such as furnaces, are incredibly popular, there are some issues in regard to their performance that drive many homeowners to consider alternative heating options. The boiler is among the most common. Read on to learn about some of the basic benefits of using a boiler in Millcreek, UT, and remember to schedule your boiler services with Design Comfort.

Air Quality

Effective and prompt in heating most homes, forced air distribution based heating systems can often lead to subpar indoor air quality in one’s home. The ductwork that is used to distribute heated air throughout the house may be compromised, allowing pollutants in. When this happens, the ductwork can distribute those pollutants throughout the house. Plus, furnaces can lead to very dry air in one’s homes, while also stirring up dust and dirt throughout the living space.


Boilers do not heat air and then pump that heated air throughout a house. Instead, they apply heat directly to surfaces and the objects in the house via radiant heating, or they use steam radiators to distribute heat. There is no chance of air leaks via faulty ductwork, which helps to ensure that boilers function with outstanding energy efficiency.


Boilers have relatively few moving parts, when compared to furnaces and other forced air systems. This means that operational problems and breakdowns are less likely, as there are simply fewer parts to encounter such issues. The durability of the boiler is well-documented, making these systems immensely popular in commercial, as well as residential, applications.

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