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Signs That Your Air Conditioning System is in Need of Repairs

Summer is officially here, although that’s not something we need to tell you, as recent weeks have already had temperatures creeping up to the 90s. If you live through even one summer in the area, then you know you can’t get through the season with a malfunctioning air conditioning system. If your air conditioner begins to fail or even breaks down completely, then you and your family will be extremely uncomfortable and may even experience ill-health effects.

Regular preventive maintenance from our professionals is essential to guarding your air conditioner from such problems. However, even with the best maintenance plan for an expertly installed system, no air conditioner is immune to problems. Watch for the signs we listed below to understand when it’s time to call for repairs.

Uneven Cooling

Modern air conditioners are designed to distribute conditioned air as evenly as possible throughout your living space. When some parts of your home seem to be hotter than others despite your air conditioner running, then your system may be starting to fail. This could also be a sign of a malfunctioning blower, a refrigerant leak, or a thermostat that isn’t working correctly.

Unusual Noises

It’s only natural that your air conditioner is going to make noise as it runs. This is usually not a problem in itself, but when those noises start to sound louder than normal, or highly unusual, you need to call a professional to have it inspected. If you hear clanging, banging, or screeching noises coming from the vents, it’s not normal.

Spike in Utility Bills

If your air conditioning system starts to malfunction, it will likely cause a spike in your energy costs. Pay attention to your energy bills. If they’ve increased or if you notice you are paying more than your neighbors despite comparable use, then you could very well have an AC issue.

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