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5 Steps to Improving Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Summer is officially here, and with it comes unforgiving heat. As a result, your air conditioner is going to be doing more strenuous work and you’ll be relying on it to do its job well. Naturally, you’ll see a rise in your energy costs during this type of the year. However, your bills don’t have to be astronomical.

If you pay attention to the steps below, you can learn how to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, and thus save money too. Not only that, but by improving your cooling system’s efficiency, you’ll be helping it to achieve a longer lifespan as well.

1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

At least once yearly, your air conditioning system should be fully inspected and cleaned by a professional HVAC technician. This will ensure that your system is well taken care of and that it’s running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

2. Invest in Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is a process that repairs your leaking and faulty ducts. A breached air duct can waste a lot energy, and thus money. Be sure to schedule duct repairs if you think you might have this problem.

3. Clear the Outdoor Condenser

Be sure that any plants or shrubs surrounding your outside condenser unit are cleared out. The outside cabinet is prone to leaves, mulch, tree roots, and other debris, any and all of which can block airflow and prevent your AC system from working at its peak efficiency.

4. Change Your Air Filter

Although we do not encourage or recommend conducting AC repairs on your own, this is one small maintenance task you can and should tackle. Don’t let your air filter get too clogged as this can harm the inside components of your system and make it work harder to get conditioned air to your living space.

5. Purchase a High Efficiency Air Conditioning System

If you’ve taken all the above steps but still notice that your utility bills are on the rise, the case might be that you simply have too old of a system. Just make sure that any new system you choose has a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) than your old system.

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