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Common Problems That Plague Air Conditioners

As the summer heat quickly approaches, you will soon be relying on your air conditioning system to effectively and efficiently cool down your home. This means that the strain on your AC system is going to increase, creating more of a likelihood that problems might occur.

In order to keep you air conditioner in the best shape possible, you’ll want to not only invest in regular maintenance but also keep an eye out for symptoms of a system in disrepair. Keep reading to learn about a couple common air conditioning problems you might run into this summer.

Faulty Air Handler

Your air conditioner’s air handler is the component of your AC system that’s responsible for moving air throughout your home during your system’s operation. Your air handler’s motor is put under a significant amount of strain with this occurs, therefore is protected with oiled bearings.

However, over time the bearings begin to wear down and the friction on the motor increases. When this occurs, you will likely notice a loud grinding sound. Replacing the bearings as soon as possible is essential to ensuring that your air handler motor does not overheat and burnout.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil of your air conditioning system is the component responsible for evaporating refrigerant in order to draw heat out of your indoor air. As a result, the air temperature around the coil drops, and condensation forms on it.

When an AC system is operating correctly, the flow of warm air from your home’s ducts prevent this temperature from dropping too low. However, if the flow of air is cut off, then that temperature can drop to below freezing, causing the coil to ice over and become incapable of siphoning heat from your air to cool your home.

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