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Navien Tankless Systems Offer Outstanding Energy Savings

Hot water doesn’t come cheap. Sure, it’s an amenity that we have all come to take for granted, but it’s also one that requires energy consumption. All around us, the cost of fuel is in flux, and nothing is stable for long. What’s more, it’s difficult to ignore the environmental impact of energy consumption, and if you’re at all concerned about environmental friendliness, then you may be looking for a high-efficiency solution to hot water.

Look no further than the Navien line of tankless water heaters. We’re proud to install and service these products, and while you can find out more about them by giving us a call, here’s a breakdown of their most important features.

Ultra-Condensing Technology

Navien’s proprietary heat exchanger is really the key to their systems’ energy efficiency ratings. It gets a bit technical, but the basic point is that their condensing gas tankless water heater preserves a much greater amount of heat during the heat exchange process. When the system ignites gas to create thermal energy, this must be transferred to the water supply safely and quickly. With this type of system, there is substantially less thermal energy loss between the BTU input and the BTU output. The result is exceptional value.

Low Emissions

Navien tankless water heaters use a metal fiber burner specifically designed to ensure a consistent combustion mixture. As you may already know, the blend of air and natural gas in the combustion chamber must be carefully considered if your system is to work as promised. Theirs results in reduced acid rain and a lowered greenhouse effect. If you’re at all concerned about the environment, then this may be an important factor for you.

Navien offers incredible performance, affordability and ultra-efficiency. If you’re in the market for a new tankless water heater, or suspect that your old system might need replacement, then let our technicians know. Call Design Comfort for tankless water heater installation and replacement throughout the Cottonwood Heights, UT area.


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