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What Kind of Shape Is Your Heater in?

technician checking the inside of a furnaceWe’ve officially entered the coldest time of the year here in Salt Lake City, with chillier temperatures still to come. That being said, you’ve likely already been using your heating system on at least a nightly basis, if not already 24/7. Hopefully, you’ve already scheduled or had heating maintenance completed. But of course, even with careful attention, a heater can still experience problems, particularly if it is aging.

But how do you know if your heater is functioning to the best of its ability, or if it needs Salt Lake City, UT HVAC repair services? We’ve shared a few indicators of a heater in need below. If you suspect or experience any of the following issues, be sure to give our staff a call right away!


This is a problem most often seen in furnaces and heat pump systems. It describes the process in which you heater turns itself off too early, before finishing a full heating cycle. This is actually a symptom of a bigger problem rather than the problem itself. But what happens when your heater short-cycles is that the system is forced to work harder than it should—inefficiently so. This is a huge drain on your energy and your wallet.

Uneven Heating

The next time your heater is running, take a walk through all the rooms in your home to check that warmth is being evenly distributed. Are you noticing that some rooms are colder than they should be? Ensure that the windows are closed and any room vents are unobstructed, first. In the absence of this, cold spots could mean that you have a failed baseboard heater, broken heating elements, air handler trouble, or even breached ductwork that is leaking conditioned air into unused portions of your home.

Your Heating Bill Is Unusually High

When you received your last utility bill, did it seem much higher than this time last year? Unless the temperatures are drastically different or your household is using the heater more than last year, this shouldn’t be the case. If power seems to be draining from your system and costing you more than it should, then it’s a definite sign that your heating system is probably malfunctioning.

Strange Sounds

You will know better than anyone the everyday noises of your heating system. So if you hear something unfamiliar, it’s a sign that something needs to be fixed. Odd noises may include grinding, screeching, or even hissing, none of which should be ignored—particularly if you have a gas powered system, as neglecting repairs to this type of heater can be dangerous, potentially exposing you to high levels of carbon monoxide gas.

If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is always to give our pros a call to check it out. It pays off to play it safe rather than being stuck with a malfunctioning or broken down heater on one of the coldest nights of the year!

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