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Water Heaters: Tank Versus Tankless Systems

A popular appliance seen in many homes today is the tankless water heater. A fairly new development, tankless water heaters offer many benefits to homeowners looking for a more efficient way to heat their home’s water. However, they aren’t right for all homes. In fact, it may make more sense for you to stick with a traditional water heater, depending on your circumstances.

The biggest difference between a conventional water heater and a tankless system is that a tank heater pre-heats a limited amount of water in the tank. A tankless water heater on the other hand, heats up water as it’s needed—whenever you turn on a faucet in your home. Below, we’ve outlined some other factors that differentiate the two systems.


A conventional water heater operates on a continual basis. This means that even when you and your family are sleeping, the tank is heating water even though it will not be used. This is certainly a drain on your energy and could even be a drain on your wallet.

The on-demand heating of a tankless water heater is more efficient. The system is smaller and more compact. It flash-heats water when you need it, and stops running as soon as you turn off the faucet. This type of water heater was designed essentially to save energy.


For those seeking a more budget friendly purchase upfront, a conventional water heater may be the best choice. However, even though tankless water heaters do cost more upfront, they can help you save money on a month-to-month basis by way of your energy bills.


It’s no secret that space saving is a huge benefit of tankless water heaters. However, not all homes are ready to support this model, and may even need their electrical system upgraded before installing this system. A conventional water heater does not have this problem.

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