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Tap-tap-tap: Where is That Plumbing Leak Coming From?

Pouring water in the kitchenWhether it’s a “tap-tap-tap” you hear, a slow drip, or a quiet rush of water even though no plumbing appliances are running, you know it means you probably have a leak—one of the most annoying problems for homeowners to face. After all, even a “minor” leak such as a dripping faucet can waste gallons of water over time. Small leaks trick you into thinking they really aren’t a big deal—until the costs on your water bill start to add up.

Bigger leaks waste even more water, of course, but can also do extensive damage to your property. Leaks that start behind walls or beneath floors and above ceilings, can develop without you even noticing them right away. Since so much of your plumbing system is hidden from sight, and since leaks really can form anywhere within your plumbing system, it’s essential that you learn how to spot them. And once you do, the next step will be to call a professional Salt Lake City plumber. In the meantime, we’ve given you some pertinent signs to watch out for, below, which indicate it’s time for you to go ahead and call that pro.

Watch Your Water Bill

Spotting water leaks ASAP should be a top priority for homeowners, but where do you start? Well, the water bill is a good place! Remember, in many cases—in most cases—leaks can exist for quite some time before they’re noticed. But this doesn’t means that they aren’t causing problems while they go undetected.

Even if your ceiling isn’t caving in from a bathroom plumbing leak upstairs or you don’t see water present anywhere, the dampness created by even the smallest of leaks can lead to problems with biological pollutants such as mold and mildew growth. So, if you notice your water bill is rising with no other explanation brought on by your water usage, it’s time to consider giving us a call. If there is a problem, you don’t want it to go on too long!

Listen Carefully

Everybody always says to “keep an eye out” for problems, but what about your ears? Running water makes a distinct sound, of course, whether it’s a bubbling brook or just water passing through a pipe in your plumbing system.

If you hear water rushing through your plumbing system or behind a wall where plumbing is located, even though no appliances are running, the toilet isn’t filling its tank, and as far as you’re aware nobody is using water, you could very well be listening to a leak. Pinpointing the source of this leak before its identifiable by the damage it’s done is in your best interest, so give us a call if your ears tip you off to a problem.

Sniff Around

Have you noticed a musty smell in your home? If so, it might be due to damp conditions that you perhaps can’t see. Remember, a huge concern with water leaks is their potential to cause biological pollutants to thrive, not just the physical damage that can result from water exposure.

If you smell a mildew odor in your home, particularly in an area that gets as dry as ours does during this time of the year, it may very well be due to a leak of some kind.

Find out what keeps our customers saying “I Love My Design Comfort!” Contact us today when you suspect a leak so we can conduct a proper inspection.

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