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3 Tips for Avoiding Clogged Drains

Your drains may be unsung heroes most of the time, as you likely don’t pay them much attention. This is likely to change drastically, though, when you begin to encounter problems with your drains. We rely on the drains in our homes to remove wastewater from our sinks, bathtubs, showers and plumbed appliances. The issue is, though, that drains do not always function as intended. In many instances, operational problems with drains, with drain clogs being the most common, are the result of user error. To help you avoid making any such errors when using your drains, we’ve put together 3 simple tips to help you avoid clogs in your drains. Contact Design Comfort if you notice any issues with backed up or slow moving drains in your home, and schedule professional drain cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT.

  1. Use drain guards in all of your sinks. These simple little devices, which cost very little to purchase in any quantity, can save you some serious trouble and, potentially, money down the road. It is unavoidable that some cat whiskers, food scraps, and other debris are going to try and make it down your drains. With a drain guard in place, you can help to prevent such materials from clogging up your drains.
  2. Use your garbage disposal properly at all times. This means running water down the drain when the disposal is in use, which not only protects the unit and its grinding mechanism itself, but also helps to keep ground waste moving down the drain successfully, and remember that not everything is suitable for putting in the disposal. Hard bits of waste, such as chicken bones, or very fibrous materials, such as celery stalks or corn husks, can do serious damage to your system. Finally, don’t put liquid fats or grease down the disposal; they’ll congeal when they cool, and lead to serious clogs.
  3. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners or DIY drain snaking equipment. Chemical cleaners are only going to clear away enough of a clog for the remainder of the cleaner to follow gravity’s path down the drain, and you will likely wind up leaving chunks of a clog behind if you attempt to snake out your drains on your own. Instead, take not of slow-moving or clogged drains, and schedule professional drain cleaning with Design Comfort’s exceptional plumbers.

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